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 Rules (Read before posting)

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Jadarice Braithrad
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Rules (Read before posting) Empty
PostSubject: Rules (Read before posting)   Rules (Read before posting) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 01, 2012 9:52 pm

If you are familiar with general rules, READ THE TUTORIAL FOR INFO ON GAME MECHANICS

If you're thinking of posting, make sure you READ these rules. These should be fairly obvious except a select few.

Starting A Thread

1. DO NOT use excessive caps, punctuation, or curse words in your thread titles. They are not necessary. There are SOME exceptions to this (such as announcements or alerts, which might be in all caps)


Building a town day by day!
The epic quest
The EPIC quest (notice some caps are okay)

---BUILD TH TOWN!!?!!@!!!! 111!
+#@~~THE OMFG EPIC QUEST!!!~~@#+
HOT F**K SEX TIME FOR BETCHES (Lol you wish. But no.)

2. Make sure your thread is under the CORRECT forum. Everything has a forum, even off-topic threads. Yes, we have an off-topic forum.

3. Some forums are not able to posted on, don't complain about why if you couldn't figure out it from obviousness.

4. When making an RP, specify the type using one of 3 Tags given below:

a. (PAR) Sometimes known as literate RP or semi-lit; this is where you write paragraph like posts in a story fashion to roleplay.
(Example: Jay understood what she had to do. If she were to make any progress and move towards her ticket out of this place, she would have to venture out and create more Maxia Planes. She dialed the proper floor number and waited for the partitioner to take her to the area, as she imagined. In an instant, she felt a breeze of wind, and was in a brand new location, as she had imagined.)

b. (LIN) This is for Script/Skit like RPs, commonly seen in chat RP's and are usually done in short posts.
(Example: Jay: As fun as it is to talk about how awesome you think you are, I'm being beaten the hell up by a rock! *gets smacked in the stomach* GRAAH!!! )

c. (MIX) This is for mixed RPs, which combine the two above or use any other kinds of methods together. These style of RPs are VERY useful for making game progress, and are highly recommended, as it allows people to RP in their comfortable style and keep a fast pace. An example of this would be this entire RP. A great example would be the tutorial topic linked above.

5. All mature theme RP's must be tagged as (MAT)

6. Crack RPs Belong in the ANOTHER WORLD forum.


Basic Conduct and RP Guidlines

These rules are to be expected of all.

1. Respect others if you wish to be treated the same.

2. Do not flame or start arguments

3. GODMODDING IS A NO-NO. We have stats for a reason. Not unless you're in a non canon forum and doing a crack RP.

4. Some swearing is acceptable, but mainly for RP's. Be sensible.

5. Make sure you are aware of stats before you try to attack another player


7. Moderators and Admins MUST be respected, do not argue with them. If there is an issue, PM me rather than arguing with them.

8. Do not spam with images or lines of random text. Repeated offenses will result in a ban.

9. Do not PAGE STRETCH (posting huge images to make your post huge)

10. Do not post offensive images. Some mature images pertaining to Mature RPs may be acceptable.

Thank you for reading and have fun!
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Rules (Read before posting)
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