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 Guidemaster's How-To: Techniques

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Guidemaster Omoika
Guidemaster Omoika

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PostSubject: Guidemaster's How-To: Techniques   Mon Dec 17, 2012 9:01 pm

What are Techniques?

Techniques are special abilities that you can activate during battle to either deal more damage, hit multiple enemies, inflict various status effects, or apply buffs/debuffs. In order to use techniques, you must first craft them and then have enough TP in battle to use them. TP stands for Technique points, and everyone starts with 1 TP by default. To get more TP, you can increase your pool by ranking up in the Tenacity skill. Every 10 levels in Tenacity raises your maximum TP by 1. Additionally, you can also obtain more TP by ranking up in Tactics, but at a rate of 1 point per 20 levels.

How do I make techniques?

Techniques are made through a process called “Technique Crafting.” When you win a battle, you will earn TE (Training Experience). TE is used to purchase effects under Technique Crafting, which are then merged together into a technique. A technique can be comprised of any number of effects that work together, allowing you to create unique attacks for use in battle. However, be aware that there are a few limiting factors to what you can put into a technique.
1. You must satisfy the skill requirements to make the technique.
2. You must have enough TP to use the technique.
3. The more effects that you put into a technique, the more TE it will take to make it. The total cost of TE for the effects will increase by 50%, 100%, 200%, and 400% respectively.
To view the effects that can be applied to a technique and their respective costs, visit the Database.
When making a technique, you will notice that there are 2 types of effects. S-type effects a primarily focused on doing damage and hitting enemies, while T-Type effects apply buffs, debuffs, elements, and more. S-Types are controlled by the Tenacity Skill, While T-Type effects are controlled by Tactics. Hovering over an effect name will give you the level needed to use the effect, the TP required, and what the effect does.
When you create a technique, all the effects that you put into the technique will total in TP cost. If an effect is 1.2 TP and another is 1.3 TP, the total will be 2.5 TP, but round up to the nearest whole number. When totaling TP, it will always round up. You should never have a technique that has a decimal in its TP cost, otherwise you’re not rounding correctly. Note, some effects may not go together, such as multi-hits and damage increases.
To have a technique formally made, you must talk to a moderator or post somewhere on the forums in the town life section (please bold or highlight) what you are making, the TE required, and the effects. Moderators will check to see if it is valid and add it to your techniques list, which can be found on the Equips tab of the database. Note that you can only have a maximum of 6 techniques at any given time. If you are filled on techniques, you must forget one to learn another.

How do I use techniques?

In battle, you must state that your character is using the technique (bolding it helps) and do what is required of the technique (if it says shoot 8 arrows, roll the precision dice 8 times; if it says do damage with 200% of your attack and no roll, do so). Also, make sure you state what your TP will be after using the technique. If you have 1 TP, and your technique requires 1, then your TP should be posted as 0.

If you have any questions or need to know something important, I have the DATABASE right here!
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Guidemaster's How-To: Techniques
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